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5 Places to Invest Your Money

People are largely in the dark when it comes to investing. Sometimes it’s for their own good, being there are plenty of bad investments out there.

The big thing about investing is minimizing your risk as much as possible. So in this article, we’re going to focus on five (5) places to invest your money with the least amount of risk.

1.         Money Market Accounts or Savings Accounts w/High Interest Rates

Money market accounts are stable investments, especially because they’re insured by the federal government.

One drawback to money market accounts is that banks who offer these generally require you to maintain a significant balance in order to participate in them.

But the aforementioned drawback can be indirectly viewed as a plus. For example, you might think that $1,000 is a more reasonable minimum balance than $10,000. But at 1.5% return, which would produce a larger return, $1,000 or $10,000? That’s something to think about.

2.         Treasury Notes

Treasury notes are about as low-risk as you can get. These are short term investment vehicles with maturity dates ranging from 13 to 26 weeks.

The profits on T-bills are very low, but at least you have a profit that you can count on at maturity.

Treasury notes are also very safe because they are backed by the federal government. So how can you make money from these?

3.         Certificates of Deposit (CD’s)

A CD, or certificate of deposit, is a savings account with a rate of interest and maturity date that are both fixed. They’re offered by most banks, and are considered to be quite safe.

There are no monthly service fees to maintain it, and your interest rate is locked in when your account is open. However, if you withdraw your money early, you’ll pay a stiff penalty.

Like T-bills, you will get a minimal profit, but it’s going to be there at maturity.

4.         Bitcoin

If you don’t have much money, this could be a good route to start out in. You can “mine” bitcoin for free with various software programs – even Google has a free one.

But if you want to get serious about bitcoin, there are other programs designed to accelerate the earning process. One of these is Bitcoin Code Software and it’s getting a lot of attention. Do your research.

5.         Mutual Funds

If your idea is to be at the lowest level of investment risk possible, then you might want to try investing in mutual funds.

You direct the mutual fund manager to put your money toward a group of investments that include mutual funds as well as stocks. Then monthly or quarterly reports will be sent to you so you can see how your funds are performing.

On the downside, your fund manager isn’t going to work for free, so there will be administrative fees added to the mix.

So in conclusion, we’ve covered five safe, proven investments to where you can put your hard-earned money. We hope you have success in your investment goals.