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Choose To Become Instagram Influencer For Career Growth And Earn Hefty Bucks In Return

One of the popular Instagram influencers, Rachel Brathen, makes it a point to charge upwards of around $25K for every Instagram post. Well, Rachel is not the only one in this regard. There are so many others like her, who have already made it quite successful while living right out of being Instagram influencer. Now, are you thinking about the procedure involved? Well, Instagram is stated to be one powerful platform, which carries various values for the brands. With more than 800 million active based monthly users, you can expect the best from this channel.

It actually implies that all people with brands will try to target most of that on Instagram. The best thing is that people actually start making purchased based on the influencers’ recommendations. According to the Influence Central, consumers have already ranked IG influencers at 6th effective position at just influencing purchases. The certain growing popularity of the IG influencers might have made you consider becoming one as well. If you have been thinking of this but not sure on how you might proceed, then get to the core points first from this article or from Gramblast as well.

Have to select the niche you are passionate about:

For becoming one IG influencer, the primary thing to do is find niche, which will suit your personality well. It has to be something, which you are thoroughly passionate about. This field will be something, which you have a good deal of interest and knowledge. Mainly because someone else is on the field and becoming successful, that does not mean you have to follow the same rule too.

  • An example will clear your mind well. You might have seen so many people posting about fitness on IG and came up with good followers. Are you planning to do the same even when you don’t have any kind of interest or expertise in this section? Well, no is the answer. On social media, there is no way you can fake it.
  • Therefore, you have to pick up one niche that you are actually passionate about. You might be a pro in the DIY category. May be you have a soft corner towards food and have great deal of interest in trying out some cuisines of your choice. Sometimes, you might be in fashion and always aware of latest trends and styles. Follow the path, where you actually belong.
  • Always remember that the IG posts should always reflect what truly inspires you and not any form of random stuff out there in the market. The niche can be a combination of various things as long those are not random. For example, you can check the post of IG influencer whose niche revolves around travel, food and lifestyle. You can easily see a balance between these three options while going through her posts.

Hit it off with one noteworthy bio:

When you have already decided on the niche, next stop is to fine tune the IG account. The first and foremost thing to cross your mind is to focus on creating bio, which can actually catch attention of people. It has to talk about the story in such a way, which can easily engage people quite a lot. Always be sure that it is one of those first ever things when a brand or any potential follower see your account. Therefore, if you plan to be one of those influencers for the IG platform, make the platform as noted as possible.

Check out the profile of travel blogger and influencer Helena Sula for a change. She has one attractive and compelling IG bio. In the current name field, she has already included the term “travel blogger.” Therefore, her profile will show up some searches. If you check her bio, here, she is telling her story of how she has moved to Germany for exploring Europe by leaving everything behind. Obviously, she took her husband and pups with her.

Be sure to share your stories:

If you have this confidence within that you can become one IG influencer by sharing photos, then you might have to think again. The captions, which might go along with the photos, will be as important as the pictures themselves.

  • You can easily use them for telling stories and connecting with followers on any emotional level. You have to provide them with a reason to actually trust you, follow and engage with you.
  • In your pat of creating engaging content, don’t just forget to be genuine and unique at the same time. If you are genuine, that you can easily see through.
  • In its place, you have to share some of the personal stories in such a way that the audiences might find it rather interesting and authentic at the same time.

For example, check out inspiring story from travel blogger, namely Chandrima27. She talks about the ways in which she travels with pre-existing medical issues. Her posts will help you to know how highly engaging the contents are and what the rates are. She is well received by her followers. Brands, on the other hand, are attached greater towards the engagement rate than number of followers when they actually collaborate with the influencers.

Have to make the Instafeed appealing to the lot:

It is one of those pre-requisites if you are actually trying to become IG influencer. Here, the photos are not just going to be appealing visually but should also adhere to the overall theme well. It means that all photos in the feed must look good against one another. So many IG influencers will follow particular editing style for photos for making color or the composition uniform. They might use tools like Lightroom or VSCO for editing photos or just checking with IG filters.

Always be sure to settle for the steps first before you plan to be one of the IG influencers, whom others will trust blindly. Once you have it, things will start to work out as planned.