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Immigrant Money Habits We Can All Learn From

Many immigrants come to the United States in search of greener pastures with habits and behaviors that allow them to prosper and lead the American dream. One of the secrets people can learn from those immigrating to the United States is how to spend money. Here are ten money habits we can all learn from them.

Lesson 1: Save Like A Jobless Person With Many Mouths To Feed

For many immigrants, saving is like a religion. Instead of saving a small percentage of their income, they save most of their earnings. Immigrants are capable of saving a large percentage of their earnings because of their ability to control weekly spending.

Lesson 2: Finds Ways To Avoid Materialism

Avoiding materialism is the key to saving a significant amount of money. Some of the non-material ways immigrants adopt to spend money is cooking at home instead of eating out or buying pre-cooked food. Instead of visiting fancy tour destinations, immigrants opt to visit their native country.

Lesson 3: Use Networks For Help

When an immigrant needs help with plumbing or a legal issue, they'll look for an uncle or cousin who works in these professions. Immigrants would rather refer their problems to friends and family than pay strangers to work for them. Hiring people they're familiar with helps them nurture relationships.

Lesson 4: Avoid Credit Cards

Immigrants like to pay for things in cash to avoid bankruptcy. As much as possible, immigrants avoid using credit cards for their transactions and would rather go to the bank and withdraw money when they need to buy something. Immigrants avoid credit card activity because it leads to impulsive buying.

Lesson 5: Alternative Sources of Income

Many immigrants do not like relying on one source of income. They like to have a reoccurring revenue stream that is outside their normal job. Money from two alternative income sources helps one save money and be able to meet ongoing costs. It is crucial for one to adopt ways to appeal real estate taxes.

Lesson 6: Try To Be Independent

Many immigrants are incredibly crafty. They perform their car repairs, do their own electrical and plumbing repairs, and cut their own grass. They also make their own food. Independence and self-sufficiency is a great way to save money.

Lesson 7: Trust Family and Be Wary Of The Rest

The American society is based on the capitalist principle and many immigrants apply this concept to the family setting. Many immigrants trust their family and have reservations about others. This way, they are able to preserve the wealth they have worked hard to acquire.

Lesson 8: Do Not Be Defined By Career Titles or Fame

Many immigrants do not let their job or career define them. For example, people from Southern Italy discuss their family, the food they grow, and their culture, and nothing about the high unemployment rate.

Lesson 9: Think About The Big Picture

Many people are overwhelmed by their immediate situation. This is a good illustration of small picture thinking which can prevent one from going through tough times. Many immigrants block out their immediate problems in order to think long term about how they will lead the American dream of saving for buying a home and running a successful enterprise.

Lesson 10: Ignore Neighbors

Many people live their lives based on their neighbors’ activities. For example, if one’s neighbor buys a new car, he/she begins to question the reason he/she does not have a car. Many immigrants make friends with neighbors but do not follow them into materialism and debt.


Immigrants provide a great example of adopting proper money habits. All their behaviors regarding spending money are reserved and focused on saving as much as possible. Their simplistic lifestyle helps them to achieve the American dream. Immigrants offer a great example of disciplined spending habits.